Honda 600 Roster of Owners

Honda 600 Roster of Owners

There is a group of people that are committed to sustaining the Honda 600 craziness. Get your name on the Honda 600 Roster and have a source of:
a. Reliable technical information

b. Location of mechanics that "KNOW" the Honda 600

c. Restoration information and assistance

d. Location of "Hard-to-find" parts1

e. information on the world of HONDA Mini cars, facts and history of the Honda 600 and who owns them in your area.

Call Bill Colford at 619-267-0485,, or Harry Lineback at 619-422-5861,, Mike O'Conner, 704-871-1951, or Hugh Mings 626-337-9361, for details to get on the Honda 600 Roster of Owners.
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To become part of the Honda 600 Roster of Owners, provide the following information:

1. Your name, address, phone number, FAX and E-mail

2. Coupe/Sedan, VIN, Engine number, Year, type of transmission, and (from the small plate attached to the rear drivers door post) the date of manufacture.

Upon receipt of your information and if you wish to have your name, address and phone number passed to other owners in your area, I will privide like information to you by e-mail. Copies of pages from shop and owners manuals can be FAX'd or I will provide contacts who have originals for sale from time to time.

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